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Variation 6 – Waikato Regional Council

Water the giver of life, and becoming an ever more valuable resource to be looked after and utilised wisely. As of April 2012 the Waikato Regional Council implemented Variation 6 to manage the valuable water resource within the Waikato, Waihou and Waipa Rivers catchment. The effect is significant on those wishing to increase their water takes particularly in areas where water is already over allocated, as there is no guarantee that resource consent will be granted.


The Regional Council is currently in the process of requiring farmers who use 15 cubic metres or more of water for shed washdown or milk cooling to submit resource consent applications to take water. If the water takes have not increased significantly since 15 Oct 2008 then grandparenting rights should ensure consent is granted for your operation. The purpose of this activity is for the Regional Council to get a handle on how much water is being used and how that affects the water catchment.


If your water use has increased significantly since 2008, or you are planning additional development that may require more water we suggest you either contact us or the Waikato Regional Council for further advice on how to proceed. This also applies to dairy conversions since 15th October 2008 and any proposed conversions.

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