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What is Cadastral Surveying?

Cadastral Surveying comes from the French word “cadastre” which when translated relates to the way the privately owned and government owned land is distinguished, mapped, recorded and put onto public files. The term evolved when the original people responsible for calculating how much land tax was due came up with a technique for dividing it up into mapped areas which in turn became known as a register of the survey of lands. The co-ordinates are a unique reference of 2 or 3 orthogonal lines known as axes. Meaning all measurements such as feet, meters, miles and so on are able to be used. The record showed the owner of the land, the size and the recorded value. This enabled the Kings peopled to determine how much land tax the owner should pay.

Today the cadastre is still the basis for determining rates paid to Council and an extremely important record of who ‘owns’ certain areas of land and what rights or interests others may or may not have over that land. A surveyors role is to maintain and update the cadastre with accurate plans showing the extents of ownership and rights in land using evidence from earlier records. Nicholson Surveying has over 30 years combined experience in carrying out these duties and serving the community with boundary definitions, easement surveys, and subdivisions.

Tim Bailey – Licensed Cadastral Surveyor 2004
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